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Title: ne fund te pasdites
Type: Ese përshkruese
Theme: fund ne pasdite
Author: ana n
School: Instituti i Arteve
Class: 9
Title: Friend😭😞
Type: Letter/Email to a friend
Theme: My friend is a witch
Author: Harley Harley
School: High school musical 'Brittney"
Class: VI-a
Title: yes
Type: Cause & Effect Essay
Theme: no
Author: no
School: Avni Rustemi
Class: 8
Title: Britain on the eye of the Beholders
Type: Other
Theme: Travell Diary
Author: Olta Totoni
School: UT
Class: Scholar
Title: lovequotes
Type: Cause & Effect Essay
Theme: e
Author: GENTA
School: haxhizeka
Class: IX
Title: superman
Type: Admission Essay
Theme: superman
Author: superman
School: rems
Class: 10
Title: physics
Type: Informal Essay
Theme: science
Author: Enxhi Disha
School: misto mame
Class: 8a
Title: Great happiness is to do good to another
Type: Argumentative Essay
Theme: Great happiness is to do good to another
Author: rugen dokaj
School: effata
Class: 7
Title: Love poem
Type: Lyric Poetry
Theme: Love poem
Author: Alfredo Tinaj
School: Peter Mahringer
Class: 8a
Title: A friend and one of the few good souls out there
Type: Literary Essay
Theme: A friend and one of the few good souls out there
Author: Anonymous
School: Anonymous
Class: -
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