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ID: 154
Posted on: 2017-12-02 01:07:48
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Title: Britain on the eye of the Beholders

Type: Other
Theme: Travell Diary
Author: Olta Totoni
School: UT
Class: Scholar
City: Tirana


Greetings from foggy Britain! The sky is gray and the air is fresh. The British flag waves up in the sky freely. It seems to conquer the sky. The city is busy and you can notice the hustle and bustle of the city life. People of different ethnicities try to run and catch the first Double –Decker to come. The country is moving forward. The houses seem different every day. The splendour of their architecture catches your eyes immediately. On one hand, you can see semi-detached houses, small but spacious houses decorated by flowers or specifically with a Victorian style in order to show once more the British refined tastes. It seems that the British symbols are staying the same as they are no matter what the globalization has done to the country. British pride remains British pride and it stands where it should be.
You walk through the neighbourhoods neither your footpaths can not be heard not your traces can be seen. You walk up there in silence noticing those mesmerizing looks of British people that greet you warmly even though they do not know you. They have forgotten their stiff upper lip and they are very gentle. The sun appears again and being near a bus station, you greet the driver who puts on a smile in his face, show your daily Travel Card and start your own trip. It seems that what you visited two days ago is different and something new is discovered again. The glamorous cathedrals perforate the clouds. They are totally apparent after the rainfalls and enlighten the city’s view.
You follow the road. You press the button on the right but you always look left. You feel free in those roads. History accompanies you in every place that you go because this country is embroidered by the historical and cultural value.
Welcome to GREAT Britain! Welcome to the place where all the rights are manifested! Every human being is appreciated and the national pride is at its highest peak. The history has left traces, a history of Kings and Queens, tradition and loyalty. Fascinating views are spread all over the country. Gorgeous castles can haunt your travel. Every building has got a clock just to show that the time here is calculated and it is very important and worthy for everyone. It started to rain again! This rain is soft and it cannot be felt. You walk and you feel the rain under your skin and you wait for the sun to come again. A new day is coming!

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