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How does the system of credits work?

Credits system is the newest system of the website. Each user of the website has 100 credits! You can these credits to subscribe for essays, poems, fables, stories, etc with different themes. Each subscription has a price of 20 credits, which will be taken from your account. Each literature that you post, or each comment that you post, gives you an amount of credits and you can use them to subscribe..

The amount of credits that you gain is:

  • 5 credits for each posted comment
  • 20 credits for each posted literature
  • 20 credits for each answer you give to a subscription of another person

    The amount of credits that you loose is:

  • 20 credits for each subscription of yours

    The amount of credits that each user owns:

  • 100 credits

    For each question or suggestion that you have, contact us