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ID: 113
Posted on: 2012-11-25 09:28:19
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Title: Titanic

Type: Admission Essay
Theme: Titanic
Author: Elda J.
School: Rilindja
Class: 9
City: Pg

Other than a tragic historical event, I see the titanic as a crucial lesson: the one of life. In this case, the teachers are Jack and Rose, and also 15000 others that didn't get the chance to see Titanic's arrival in New York.
Fifteen thousand... I don't say these words referring to a number, as several others do, probably unknowingly. I say it feeling the pain that 15000 souls would have had if they had known their own fate... because no more can you mourn others close to you or not, than mourning your own self! Jack danced into her life like an angel, as she was for him. Both living in that little hell-paradise I'd like to call HOME. Jack was Rose's self and she lived the rest of her life as for the two of them. He taught her how to live and she was the best student, making an example for us too. He saw the real her and then she showed herself to everyone she got the chance to. He died... but she lived on and on; for her, for Jack, for the ones who were no longer, for the ones to come and for those who didn't know the true meaning of life until they saw this film. Before I did, everyone told me I would get sad. No, I got serious because even more I now understand the importance of life. Without life we would not e, or better I should say we would be a nothing. With it, we are everything we want to be and everything we will be. We have time to do everything. Maybe we don't have Forever, but we've got enough...! E.J.P.

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