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ID: 116
Posted on: 2013-04-03 06:20:57
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Title: Imaginary Trip on Time

Type: Descriptive Essay
Theme: Imaginary Trip on Time
Author: Dorina.D
School: Art Institute of Philadelphia
Class: 1 Year
City: Philadelphia


I am traveling with my imagination in a similar but different place from the place I live.
I am going in another world, not similar to Earth planet. I am going with a high speed that
is scaring me, but my imagination doesn’t allow it. Imagination is like a protective
shield that is protecting me from everything that scares me.
It is whispering me slowly in my ear: “Don’t be afraid”. We are traveling in time, in a very
special time that no one can resist even me your imagination. Just wait, be patient. We are

I couldn’t see anything. My mind was closed. I could see only infinite darkness. The kind of
darkness that takes your breath away. The fear was bothering me again, but suddenly a light
appeared. The light made me breath freely.

I started to like this place. The planet name was “Tatjaninis”. I never heard it this name
before. It was strange, but curios as the planet itself. I saw too many too many lights all over
the terrain. The lights looked like stars with different colors. It was not an ordinary
planet. The time there was not hurrying. The time was waiting for you with its best kindness.
The time was like oxygen; you couldn’t live without it.

The sky was pink with silver clouds that were flying in time. The air had the taste of millions
of candies. The trees were coated with gold shiny fruits. The streets were not only streets, but
streets that led you in different times. There you could feel the peace. There you couldn’t hear
any noise. There you always were accompanied only by the feelings of happiness.

The people (I cannot just call them people because they were beings with angelical faces.)
had crystal eyes and inside them you could see the time.
Of course only the happy time because the sad time didn’t exist in that place.
Everything was perfect. Everything that surrounded you, filled you with good spirit, andmade
you dream with your eyes open. The air touched your skin and created an attractive feeling.
The lakes were like mirrors higher and deep. Their depth hides a mystery, but this mystery
could be explored only by the beings who lived there. It was just enough only to see inside
the lake and you were able to see the future.

Only the time could write your future, no one else can do it. The time, because in
this planet it was the most important thing that never will be extinguished and
always will be there waiting. The time would be waiting for you without wanting any
reason, any explanation or any word. Would be there waiting because the time
dominated everything.

And you felt in peace, happy and blessed from the god. Every single
being in “Tatjaninis” planet were the same. There were no differences, poorness,
riches , races, colors, and religions. Everyone was equal. It was like magic that the time
created with her intelligence. The time did anything you desired. The word “No” didn’t exist.
Every dream became true. You lived in a way you never imagined. In that unique world had
not stress, sadness and tears. The time disappeared all these bad things in the depths of the

Everything you wanted you could get it in moment. Even the stars heard your desires and
with generosity fell from the sky only to make you smile. The rivers and the mountains heard
your voice and gave you advices. The flowers made you felt in peace with their odor. The
trees showed you the way you wanted to find. Everything that surrounded you was a great

What place was that? It was the Paradise? Or maybe it was even better than the Paradise. It
was a fairytale place and I cannot find the words to describe it anymore. The silence
controlled your mind and your body. The happiness touched every cell and shone your eyes. I
didn’t understood where all the harmony came from. It was impossible not to smile. The
night was fascinating too. The stars were uncountable. Some were big and some small. The
stars were playing with the Moon, so the people could sleep well and have nice dreams.
This happened every night. It was just mythical.

I can’t describe no more this incredible place… And so, my imaginary trip on time is ending.
The lights are going off slowly and my mind is turning all dark. I am afraid again, but my
imagination tells me: ” Don’t be afraid”. “Our imaginary trip successfully finished”.
“For today, was enough the adventure”. “See you again in our next trip that I am sure you
will like it more”.

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Full name: Marina Reverte
Comment: i love it but there are some mistakes of grammar. anyway your imagination is just FANTASTIC<img src="/images/smilies/win.gif" border="0" title="/win" /><img src="/images/smilies/emo3.png" border="0" title=":)" /><img src="/images/smilies/emo3.png" border="0" title=":)" /><img src="/images/smilies/emo3.png" border="0" title=":)" />i love it but there are some mistakes of grammar. anyway your imagination is just FANTASTIC

Full name: nakshatra goel
Comment: Rockingg......<img src="/images/smilies/win.gif" border="0" title="/win" /><img src="/images/smilies/win.gif" border="0" title="/win" />Rockingg......

Full name: sergiu gerugiu
Comment: its goodits good

Full name: Manvi Jain
Comment: It is just amazing i love itIt is just amazing i love it

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