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ID: 150
Posted on: 2016-03-15 20:19:34
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Title: Great happiness is to do good to another

Type: Argumentative Essay
Theme: Great happiness is to do good to another
Author: rugen dokaj
School: effata
Class: 7
City: new york
E-mail: rugen@gmail.com

Life is an opportunity, so why not benefit from it? Why not benefit from life but not by doing things demshe, causing strife or suffering but by exploiting every minute that passes in the most perfect manner possible, and one of these is and do something good, no matter how small be, for a person.Sepse dot we can not do great things, only small things with love but to madhe.Dhe however it certainly what we will doing this gesture we feel is happiness ... we feel the not happy because of the person you have a debt to repay but feel happy because there is nothing more beautiful than to know that you've made someone smile arsyeja.Sepse of you be if each of us can do something to such for each other then human society would be oriented side humanity, understanding, harmony, therefore, toward a better life, towards a more virtuous, more qytetëruar.E ultimately selfishness is not living as love, but to claim that others are having to live as you will !! While altruism is the sense of determination and generous generous trend for dear tjerëtFakti that helps a person in need means a lot not only for what we will know for honor but also feel good about myself because you have made a gesture that helps someone humanitar.Ne moment he in turn will be found at if I were in trouble.

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Comment: soooo beautiful<img src="/images/smilies/win.gif" border="0" title="/win" /><img src="/images/smilies/tehe.gif" border="0" title="/tehe" />soooo beautiful

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