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ID: 129
Posted on: 2013-04-28 22:36:01
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Title: Extraterrestrial Life Exist

Type: Other
Theme: There is life somewhere else in the Universe
Author: Dorina.D
School: Art Institute of Philadelphia
Class: 1 Year
City: Philadelphia


“Extraterrestrial Life Exist”

Do you ever watch the sky and the stars during the night? What do you think when you see it?

Does it create a strange feeling in you? Because it does to me. Every time I look up at the sky

I have deep thoughts. I always ask to myself the same questions. Are we alone in the

universe? Are there other creatures who live in other galaxies? Is humanity alone?

And my answer is no. We are not alone. It is not possible for we to be alone in this vast

universe. E.T. is living somewhere in the Universe. I believe the Universe

is huge and complex , so E.T. life may exist or already exist in different form like “Microbes”.

It is absurd that humans are the only creatures on the Universe. To support my statement

I will give an example of discovery of a strange “microbe” that proclaims alien

life may exist. According to this tiny bacteria it was found in meteorites

that have fallen in different area of the globe. The astrobiologist Dr. Richard Hoover describe

that traveling around Alaska, Antarctica and Siberia he has studied this extremely unusual

form of meteorites “CI1 Carbonaceous Chondrites “ of which only nine are known to exist

on earth. This rare meteorite had formed early in solar system history and contain organic

chemicals seemingly taken on their journey through the space. The website

tell that if those chemicals were found on earth they are sign of life, but when found in meteorite

their origin looks interesting but unclear. Those chemicals are found in a meteorite, the

possibility of extraterrestrial life in other galaxies it is high.

There is other evidence that extraterrestrial life exist.

The first evidence is about UFOs in Ancient History. The UFO phenomenon has been

explored throughout as long as human civilization has survived. Today UFO sightings are

often explained as US military testing of some new plane technologies, however this

explanation is fake according to .

In ancient time human civilization was very primitive and the flight was impossible.

An example of UFO witness in Ancient time is the painting that is titled “The Madonna with

Saint Giovannino” that is around 15th century. The painting describes the Virgin Mary in the

center, and in the background is a man who is looking up in the sky where is an object

extremely similar to what we approach a UFO it looks like. This is not only one example

of UFOs in Ancient art. There are hundred examples of objects in the sky across the

centuries. The meaning of all these paintings is that the people in ancient time might

have experienced connections between them or UFOs or this is exactly what they have

seen. Furthermore, I think a convincing proof are the Giant Stone buildings like the

Great Pyramid, Nazca Lines in Peru, Machu Pichu and Stonehenge. Those great building

still stand today on earth, and if you really think, you will come with the question that

how the ancient people constructed such a perfect and amazing monuments.

Another great example are the 3 Pyramids of Giza. The website www.alien-ufo claim that

the positioning of the 3 Pyramids of Giza is exactly arranged with the position of the 3 stars

in the Belt of Orion, both in size and position. How is it possible that Egyptians in ancient time

had build those structure without having any difficulties of measuring huge distances? In fact,

according to the website above, the pyramids were assumed built about 3000 BC and the stars

that makes the Belt of Orion were not exactly at the actual angle to match up with the pyramids.

If the location of the stars were drawn back over thousands of years , the time at which the belt

is accurately aligned with the pyramids is in fact 10,500 BC. This was a time when there were

no civilized humans living on earth.

The website www.alien-ufo tell that this is not a coincidence. Extraterrestrials with

their intelligence came to earth in 10,500 BC and build the Pyramids exactly aligned with

the position of the three stars in the Belt of Orion. Some other interesting facts according

to the website www.alien-ufo are that ancient Egyptians in their paintings had portrayed creature

with elongated skulls, longer stomachs that is different in comparison with normal human.

Another sculpture of Nefertiti, the Goddess who lived in Ancient Egypt, shows her skull

extremely elongated,so this mean her brain is much larger than a normal humans. Her elongated

skull make her very intelligent according to www.alien-ufo .

This statue it is in a museum in Egypt. Several pictures in Ancient Egypt represent some of the Gods

and Goddesses with extremely large elongated heads. Another skull like this in founded in

Peru and now is in the “Museo Regional de Ica”. These clearly are not human skulls. Could all

these facts be just coincidences? All these artifacts display the fact that

Intelligent life have been visited earth since in Ancient times and they helped humans to build

the great monuments such as Great Pyramids, Nazca Lines in Peru, Machu Pichu etc.

The second point of evidence is the “Wow Signal”. According to

in 1977, at Ohio State University the Big Ear radio telescope discovered an phenomenal signal.

The Radio Telescope used numbers and letters to control the signal strength, 0 being

meaningless noise and Z being a strong radio signal. The astronomer Dr. Jerry R. Ehman,

studied the data from the telescope and he was astonished when a radio signal clocking

in at “6EQUJ5” came from a clearly spot in the space. Ehman was so shocked

that he circled the signal on data and simply wrote “Wow”. The transmittal lasted

37 seconds and came from Sagittarius constellation. It is more interesting the fact

that the nearest star in that specific direction is 220 million light years away. So, the

signal came from an empty spot in space and the signal had all the characteristics

of an interstellar broadcast. Some scientist say that the signal has an Earthly origin,

but this seems different as the signal was in a frequency that is internationally interfere

on earth. The conclusion of Wow signal is that it came from an extraterrestrial origin

and because there are no stars near where the signal was found so the the signal

came from a spacecraft controlled by intelligent creatures.

The point of the third evidence is the Drake Equation. Drake equation was created by Dr. Frank

Drake in 1961. According to his equation test the probability of the

number of communicative civilization in our Galaxy.

The Drake Equation is: N = N* fp ne fl fi fc fL

N* represent the number of stars in the Milky. If we do the Question. How many stars are

in Milky Way Galaxy? There are approximately 100 billion stars.

fp is the fraction of the stars that have planets around them. And what percentage of stars

have planetary systems? Current evaluations align from 20% to 50%.

ne is the number of planets per star that are able to sustaining life. How many planets are

capable of sustaining life for each star that have a planetary system? Current estimates

range from 1 to 5.

fl is the fraction of planets in ne where life develops. What percentage of planets that

are capable of sustaining life does life actually develops? Current estimates range

100% where life can evolve it and down to close to 0%.

fi is the fraction of fl where intelligent life evolves. On the planets that life does evolve,

what percentage evolves intelligent life? Approximate calculations align from 100%

intelligence life it will certainly evolve, down to near 0%.

fc is the fraction of fi that communicate. What percentage of intelligent races

communicate? The website tell that there are 10% to 20%

intelligent races that communicate.

fl is the fraction of the planet’s life during which civilizations live.

For each civilization that does communicate what fraction of the planet’s

life does the civilization survive? This is very difficult question. If we take earth

like an example the predictable lifetime of our sun and earth is approximately

10 billion years. For less than 100 years we have been communicating with

radio waves, so how long will our civilization survive? Will the earth and our sun

destroy in the few years or we will survive and live thousand of years?

If we were destroyed tomorrow the answer of this question would be

1/100,000,000th and if we survive 10,000 the answer would be 1/1,000,000th.

When all these variables are multiplied together come up with N the number

of communicating civilizations in the Galaxy. Drake Equation led to his conclusion

that there are 10,000 civilization in just the Milky Way Galaxy alone.

According to “The real value of Drake Equation is not the

answer itself, but the questions that are prompted when attempting to come

up with an answer”. Drake formulated his equation to analyze the responsible

factors for intelligent life. This allow the people to research those particular

factors, and study how those factors affect the people and the possibilities

of other life. This give the people to understand more about the life form outside

the earth, and eventually help the people explore new interesting things.

Drake equation is designed to help people to discuss the possibility of life

in other planets and define our lives in this amazing planet, galaxy and


Another important evidence are “Crop Circles” patterns that appears on the fields.

Those patterns appear usually at night and sometimes in the middle of the day

but no one have seen who makes those controversial patterns.

According to www.alien-ufo Crop Circles have been reported in 29 countries around the

world but 85% of all crop circles appear in England concentrated in an area about twenty

miles from Stonehenge. The designs of crop circles are perfect, amazing and have precise

measurements. Many of them are huge covering the space of ten football fields.

Crop circles have complex geometric patterns that are difficult to understand.

Researchers who are studying Crop Circles agree that majority of the designs

are not being made by human, and seem to be symbolic messages from an

unknown, high civilization from another dimension. The evidence supports

the theory that the human beings could not have make the crop circles. Of

course people can make circles that look good at the first sight, but they

cannot make it as perfect as many of the crop circles are. That was demonstrated

in television in 1990. The website above, include a number of factors.

First, is the unexplainable changes to the plants. The bent node of the plant from

inside the crop is elongated but not damaged. When the people bent these crops with

technological tools the crops were damaged and did not have the elongated nodes.

Also, plants outside the crop formations have normal nodes, and plants inside the

crop formations have “blown nodes”. Those changes in the crop circles plants

are unusual and it can’t be done from humans. Some researchers discovered that

the plants stems inside the formations had increased in diameter, as an effect of

intensive heating, with an amazing circular symmetry. Dr. Haselhoff former employee

of Los Alamos National Laboratories sad that this effect perfectly, matched the radiation

of an electromagnetic point source at a height meters and ten centimeters above the field.

The perfect Crop Circles are not man made claim the website www.alien-ufo . In here is hidden

the hand of some other intelligent civilizations from another dimension, who are trying to tell us

something very important that has to do with our planet and with us humans. They are trying

to communicate with us by symbolic figures such as Crop Circles. This is the most

interesting and important case that has happened in our planet. We can’t just take it

as a joke because it isn’t. We have to find out more about Crop Circles because they

are valuable messages for humanity. We have to analyze and see carefully to the

Crop Circles so we would be able to understand what is going on in our planet.

The truth about Extraterrestrial life it is in front of us. People just doesn’t want

to believe even though they can believe. All those evidences above show us

that Ufos have visited our planet since on ancient times and they continue to

visit our planet nowadays. I think that we are not alone in universe.

There are other civilizations out there who some of them are looking for us.

In a very near future, I believe we will have physical contact with them and here

is when the history of humanity will change radically.

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