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ID: 148
Posted on: 2015-04-12 20:49:04
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Title: A friend and one of the few good souls out there

Type: Literary Essay
Theme: A friend and one of the few good souls out there
Author: Anonymous
School: Anonymous
Class: -
City: Tirana

To all of you who think that R.I.P is a Rita Ora song, think again. It comes from the Latin word, requiescat in pace that means Rest In Peace. I found this out a long time ago when I was watching a movie about a killed girl and when I first saw it, the first thing I thought was that I hoped I would never have to use it. But life has a terrible sense of irony…
Well, being a writer is not a job in my opinion. It’s a state of existence. It isn’t a job because it doesn’t have a code, it doesn’t play by any rules and it doesn’t happen just between 8am to 4 pm every weekday. It’s the state of not controlling what you type in that new keyboard of yours, when events around you are so overwhelming that nothing can stop you from putting down what you have no power to utter. Writers are listeners of feelings and, if they’re any good, transmitters of it. So, I will try to document the few moments I had with the girl that I just found out died a few days ago.
I know a lot about euphemisms you know and I know most of you would think the words “passed away” would have been more appropriate, but unfortunately there’s an unwritten rule which I have to go by, even though I don’t think anybody in our country knows about it. You know what’s the first thing they teach to a medical resident after they pronounce the Hippocratic oath? When a patient dies you have to say their name and say they’re dead, because unless they hear it, the relatives, the loved ones, will never believe it. That’s why I used that word even though it hurts a lot to say it, a girl I knew called Eslida is dead.
Even I who have the inner duty to write this feel mad about myself typing these words, because she just had the whole life ahead of her. And if you’re a believer like I am, you might be wondering the same thing “What kinda God would do this?” as I wonder every time my faith is shattered when terrible things happen like when a crazy person killed 26 people in an elementary school. I have no answer and I think no one does and I get so angry when priests and bishops say that God only takes good souls by his side that I just wanna shout to their face that “God should leave good souls alone and that he should let their loved ones enjoy the goodness in them and that he should let good souls live…”. But I… just have to believe that they are in a better place…I have to…
Green coat, blonde hair and blue eyes. Of course she didn’t go unnoticed even though I only had two classes with her. My general opinion was that she was really cute. But, fortunately that is not all I remember about her. It is really sad to have to document this, especially for the fact that each of these words feels so pretentious, I mean I am no one. I am the girl that sat on the desk at her side in Chemistry class. That’s all. She was just an acquaintance to me, a pretty face I recognized in the year book. At least that’s what I thought at first.
But I know that to her friends, to her parents she was the world. And to all her acquaintances, including me, she was not just a pretty girl, she was a kindhearted one, a really gentle one and …another thing I remember, a dedicated one, because no matter who played truant, she always showed up in class even if she was the only one from her group and I know it sounds lame, but I really admired that.
You know when death happens everybody is shocked because it is in the human nature to think that death is far away, that it will never catch a glimpse of us, that it will never get into our circle. But it does more often that any of us would want to. So what I am asking right now of every single one of you that hears this is to take a moment and remember one of your own, one of our own, because that what she was, she was a part of our school, she was a member of the Petro Nini Luarasi student body and even though she wasn’t there anymore, we should keep in mind a stolen quote from a high school movie, once a PNL students, always a PNL student.
Maybe I have no right to write this, but I warned you, I am but a humble writer that tries to get people to listen. And what I wanted by all of these words, was for something to penetrate into your hearts - life is fleeting, much more than we think, so value it and value the life of others, of the one sitting by your side in Biology class, or the one accidentally at your desk in Physics. Because people, even the ones that don’t have leading roles in our lives, leave scars and not on your skin, but on your heart.
I know that you will forget her name, her teachers will forget her, even the friends that put her picture on Facebook will, cos after some time something better and less sad will come up; and even I… who am boastful enough to take the liberty to write this will forget her, but I wrote this so I never could. Because if there’s one thing I think to be important in life- that would be to be remembered.
So, it hurts a lot to say this, but rest in peace Eslida.

Be an angel to those who loved you and keep in mind that a lot of people loved you and those who did will always always remember you

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