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ID: 127
Posted on: 2013-04-27 18:47:58
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Title: Process of Learning

Type: Expository Essay
Theme: Process of Learning
Author: Dorina.D
School: Art Institute of Philadelphia
Class: 1 Year
City: Philadelphia

Learning as an individual consist of searching new strategies in order to perform a job or
a given homework. To do this it is not enough to only read and listen, but to know how to
interpret and be aware of any situation or any life experience.
So, we have to pay attention not just to do our job and homework, but we have to be aware
if we are doing well this homework and if the person who read it would understand it and
if this person ask questions we are able to respond.

Learning is a process that needs to follow some principles and rules in order to be performed:
First, we need motivation in order to learn. When we are motivated our learning becomes more
interesting because we know what we are doing and why we are doing it. The thing we are going
to perform, should always be related to what we expect to become in the future.
When this exists, our learning is easier and more interesting. That’s why we should be
motivated in order to generate a better response due to gained knowledge.

Second, we need concentration which is a necessary factor for our learning and represents
all the attention and the potential that our mind has on what we have to learn.
We must pay attention, but at the same time we must interpret what we are hearing, so we
can know and remember what the reading or the lecture was about.
It is in here where concentration plays the role of a good motivation before doing the activity.
This is the only way to learn when our interests symbolize something that
can benefit us.

Third, we need attitude because if we want the learning process to go well, we have to
be interested in it, go forward and be attentive to the ideas we want to learn. If we offer
a good attitude to what we do our learning will be excellent, otherwise if we do not pay
attention, we are not going to learn anything. Attitude is very important to both teacher and
student. The teacher should make the class active and chose good topics, so the students
would be more interested to learn and to come to the class every day. In this way the attitude
of the students will be significantly positive and enthusiastic.

The last principle or rule of learning process is understanding. Understanding exists
when there is a good attitude, motivation and concentration because without those we would
be working without meaning, without learning anything. The human beings have the necessity
to understand and to have strong hypothesis in every situation. For every message we make an
interpretation, the right one, in order to interpret the reality around us.
It is impossible to not make interpretations. Everything is interpreted, although interpretations
are constantly changing. The process of creating interpretations is often unconscious, but
sometimes can be controlled consciously. A person realizes that have a good understanding of a
lecture when he knows the main idea of what he heard or read and have the ability to tell what he
learned in his own words.

The rules and principles of learning are very important for all students. Using these rules the students would become more concentrated and have a positive attitude in learning process.

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