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ID: 120
Posted on: 2013-04-07 03:51:30
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Title: Unfairness of Life

Type: Argumentative Essay
Theme: Unfairness of Life
Author: Dorina.D
School: Art Institute of Philadelphia
Class: 1 Year
City: Philadelphia

Why are you crying? What’s wrong with you?
 You are crying because you want a new phone, a new car and new clothes.
 You are desperate to get these things. You are acting like crazy without conscience.
 Don’t worry right now your parents are buying whatever you want. Everything if
 is necessary. But, again you can’t wait. You look like a spoiled baby who can’t stop crying. Do you think this is a good behavior? Can you take a moment
 and realize with your smart brain, how many children don’t have a place to live?
 You not only have a place to live, but a big mansion and different houses in different cities. You don’t know how is to sleep outside, alone, unprotected and in
 fear of something bad is going to happen. It is terrible to wake up in the morning
 with your body congeal from the night and not having your mom to give you a glass
 of warm milk. It is horrible to live alone in this cruel world.
Can you imagine yourself living without your parents? No, you can’t because they
 are everything for you the most precious thing in the planet, but many children don’t have parents. Some of them live on the streets suffering in the cold and hot weather, without having any food or drink. Some of them are abandoned in orphan centers. Even though the nurses take care of them,they don’t feel the parental love.
Did you ever think about how many children suffer from hunger? How many of
them dies everyday because of not having any food? You don’t know what the
 word hunger means. You never heard it before because you eat everything you want.
 Poor children don’t have a slice of bread and a bottle of water. They cannot buy it
 because they don’t have money. Those children struggle every single day to find
 food. Some of them even search in the trash to find some food and eat it. Some
 others sleep without the taste of food in their mouth. I’m sure you have heard on the news about how many children are sick and sentenced to die, because of incurables diseases like Cancer and HIV. Those poor children are fighting for their life only to see one more sunny day. They don’t want to have luxuries, but just one more happy day. While you want
expensive things that in reality you have, but don’t use. It is mental. You want to have more and more because don’t know how to spend your money. Please, don’t act this way. You can be considered as an adult now. Think more about this situation. You are wasting your money in things you already have. Try to help others who don’t have nothing. I know inside in your heart is a place for those unfortunate children who need help. Don’t you think this is a strong reason to cry? Yes, you do. Your feelings are affected now. You are starting to understand the unfairness of life.
Why the life is so unfair? Why some people have everything and others nothing? Is it because of the destiny? Why some people are lucky and others not? Why life is so tough and difficult? I definitely think this is not fair and I know you agree too. The life is not colorful for everyone. Some lives happy and others not. Some are poor and others rich. Some are dying and others are healthy. However, no one should give up. The life continues and everyone have to fight until the end, in order to have a good life. No worries should exist.
That’s why is me and you, to help people in need. People should help each other in order to live happier. We live on Earth that is considered love planet, so love is the first thing everybody should receive. If there’s love, there’s no regret

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