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ID: 121
Posted on: 2013-04-07 05:29:19
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Title: My Perfect World

Type: Argumentative Essay
Theme: My Perfect World
Author: Dorina.D
School: Art Institute of Philadelphia
Class: First Year
City: Philadelphia

If I for a moment would have the power to lead the world, then in my perfect world there would not be richness, poverty and misery because I have seen how some human beings lives in inhumane conditions, while others in excessive luxury. These are two different poles. I would design a world that has a balance where all the people have everything they need in optimal conditions.
In my perfect world would not exist illiteracy because ignorance and the lack of education leads to violence. In this world some people study and some do not, but in my world everyone would have the opportunity to study.
In my perfect world there would not be unemployment because this brings a low self-esteem to yourself, it exclude you from society and makes you feel bad.
Everyone says that your are a loser even though you know that this is not true. There are many unemployed people who have talent, moral, and values that are incalculable. But, this is the world so unfair. For me there would be economic freedom, time freedom, passion freedom and creative freedom. The thing we would like, would be our company so, this company will allow us to have a life with better quality.
In my perfect world would not exist abandoned children, but children born in the bosom of a beautiful family filled with love.
In my perfect world would not exist divorced mothers because children are of two persons.
The children would have a mother and a father who will dedicate the entire life to their children, will show them the right path and help them to learn the life values and morals. In my perfect world would not exist diseases, but healthy and strong people. In my world the people would live in eternity.
In my perfect world would not exist the power and the greed of politicians, but wise and intelligent people filled will pity and deep affection for their relatives.
In my perfect world I would ask God to come down from the sky and stay on earth with us physically and spiritually, and every morning at the awakening time to see the brightness of his eyes and the brightness of his soul that shows us the right way every day. In my perfect world I would teach every human being to secede from material goods, impatience, greed, money and pride because all these feelings are destructive divide us from the real happiness. The perfect world do exists. Everything depends on the thoughts of our hearts.
Happiness and joy lives within us.

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