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ID: 118
Posted on: 2013-04-07 03:12:04
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Title: Importance of Authenticity

Type: Argumentative Essay
Theme: Importance of Authenticity
Author: Dorina.D
School: Art Institute of Philadelphia
Class: 1 Year
City: Philadelphia


Authenticity is being you every time and anywhere. It is an immediate, direct, smart and
simple answer in every situation. It is a response that occurs instantaneously from the
depths of our being, a response that is complete in itself, and therefore, leaves no residue,no energy to solve and no emotions or aspects to resolve.
Being authentic, is becoming successful. For example, showing authenticity in the fashion
and design world it is very important because this will attract the public to see and buy the products of a specific brand. Nowadays, the fashion and design world has developed and because of this development ,the people wants to have more guaranty when buying clothes or other accessories. 
The originality of a brand makes people interested on it. No one would
like to buy a fake brand product. Each consumer is interested to buy the original product of a popular brand. If a famous brand copy designs of another brand, it will cause decrement and lose of interest of that brand.
Presently, there are many cases when we buy a fake product instead of the original because we cannot see the difference. Those people who make copies of another brand product make that product so similar to the original one, so it is difficult to compare.
This is not ethical; it is the same as cheating. There is no need to copy some other brands clothes, accessories and goods. Everyone can create its own brand with its original product designs. As more original and authentic the brand the more
consumers the brand will have. Authenticity is not only important in fashion and design
world, but in every other field like sports, television, arts, business and science.
Authenticity include ourselves too. Being you makes a person more unique and more
valuable. Authenticity is being transparent and naïve. It is the simplest thing because
it’s what comes after you have eliminated the complexity. The authenticity is the most genius expression of our inner freedom and the primary feeling that comes from inside.
Being authentic is acting with integrity, is having the necessary force to accept one person the way he or she is, not the way we wanted to be. It means accepting that we are good and bad, that we can do miracles, but we can also cause pain. To know who we really are, we must learn to know each other and to not lose track of our own sincerity.
We can start by looking at ourselves, wondering what we like and what we don’t like,what causes us happiness and anger. We can do this all alone, in front of a mirror, in a dark room or in a lonely place. The important is that we feel free and calm at that place.
Gradually we will realize that we are different from others and that’s what makes every person in the world unique and authentic with its own values, beliefs, and taboos.

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