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ID: 125
Posted on: 2013-04-10 01:40:38
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Title: Late in the Afternoon

Type: Descriptive Essay
Theme: Late in the Afternoon
Author: Dorina.D
School: Art Institute of Philadelphia
Class: 1 Year
City: Philadelphia

Have someone stopped for a moment to see the afternoon?
Since a few months ago I have started to dedicate and predict everything that will help me find my way. In particular, I declare myself attracted by winter afternoons.
It seemed like everything was a beautiful scenery in front of my eyes. A banquet with different figures that feed, enjoy, transport, surprise and save. It injects you some confidence.
At the beginning I used to like the spring afternoons, but later I started to like the winter afternoons.
The afternoon is reflected in the Caribbean sea and slide between the buildings. The afternoon that lies in the horizon and turns back in the twilight. The afternoon that filters out of the window to light the place. The afternoon who comes to say goodbye, while we are writing and stubbornly tries that lies will bow in front of the truth. The street is alone. Still alone when I go forward the future. The wind helps me to strike. Sometimes I play blindly. I walk and close my eyes. I aspire the afternoon fragrance and I am about to fly, but the fear of meeting, throttle me and I stop to open the windows again. Then I pass the time with my shadow above the road. In reality I am the one who follow my shadow. I continue to follow the steps and seeing her movements and traces in her big hands. She is directing the orchestra of white shadows.
In my ears sound something like anesthesia, scent, gestures...,until I reach the corner and stop, to wait, to dance, to sing and to laugh. Everything happens in minutes, long like eternity...and I think of the lost of those beautiful afternoons that are irreversible for me. I think of this magic that goes and at the same time remains here, always here...

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