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The idea of building a website of this kind came during the language class, when the teacher gave the task to write an essay. Taking account of the fact that I with the majority part of the class were not good in writing an essay, I thought to create this website for everyone that can not make an essay. But also talented students have a better place to express their talent, not only inside the school, but in all countries where English is spoken. Those who publish their literature have full author copyrights of his literature.

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Title: Respect
Type: Critical Essay, Theme: Respect
Text: Respect can be defined as a positive feeling of esteem for a person or entity. It denotes the regard and consideration shown by an individual towards others. There have been various philosophical works done in the past that try to define ‘respect’ ...
Title: Extraterrestrial Life Exist
Type: Other, Theme: There is life somewhere else in the Universe
Text: “Extraterrestrial Life Exist” Do you ever watch the sky and the stars during the night? What do you think when you see it? Does it create a strange feeling in you? Because it does to me. Ever...
Title: The Causes and Effects of Poverty
Type: Cause & Effect Essay, Theme: The Causes and Effects of Poverty
Text: Poverty is one of the most common social circumstances within a society. This term means the economic situation in which people have insufficient incomes to enter the minimum levels of medical care, food, housing, clothing and education. However, in some ...
Title: Process of Learning
Type: Expository Essay, Theme: Process of Learning
Text: Learning as an individual consist of searching new strategies in order to perform a job or a given homework. To do this it is not enough to only read and listen, but to know how to interpret and be aware of any situation or any life experie...
Title: Parents Are Often Right
Type: Argumentative Essay, Theme: Parents Are Often Right
Text: Parents Are Often Right Parents can often be right. However, as a child, I was positive that the opposite was true. My parents felt that playing an instrument was crucial in “rounding out” my personality. I was unconvinced. After a hectic week of ac...
Title: Late in the Afternoon
Type: Descriptive Essay, Theme: Late in the Afternoon
Text: Have someone stopped for a moment to see the afternoon? Since a few months ago I have started to dedicate and predict everything that will help me find my way. In particular, I declare myself attracted by winter afternoons. It seemed like everything wa...
Title: Success
Type: Argumentative Essay, Theme: Success
Text: I believe success is not money. A person is not successful because is doing well in business or doing well professionally. I think this is not very important. What really is important is our family and our friends. We have to appreciate the things that...
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Title: write about favorite vocation.
Theme: vocation, Type: Other
Notes: I do not have anything extra but should urgently
Title: fairy tales
Theme: fairy tales, Type: Argumentative Essay
Notes: fairy tales are important for us...

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Literature (Title): The effects of War on Human Societies
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Literature (Title): Success
Comment: #Engjell flm mbq qe je nga pogradeci edhe ti #Kloe flm ne fakt kjo ese eshte edhe ne shqip por tek literary ne shqip, kurse ketu duhej ne anglisht prandaj ;)
Literature (Title): Success
Comment: Shume bukur edhe une jam nga Pogradeci
Literature (Title): The Causes and Effects of Poverty
Comment: Perfectly written! Continue this way
Literature (Title): Respect
Comment: Wonderful essay. I really liked it. Keep up the good job ;)