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Some words about YourLiterary.com

The idea of building a website of this kind came during the language class, when the teacher gave us the task to write an essay. Taking account of the fact that the majority part of the class were not good in writing an essay, I thought to create this website for everyone that can not make an essay. But also talented students have a better place to express their talent, not only inside the school, but in all countries where English is spoken. Those who publish their literature have full author copyrights of his literature.

7 newest literatures

Title: superman
Type: Admission Essay, Theme: superman
Text: superman rocks
Title: physics
Type: Informal Essay, Theme: science
Text: Physics (from Ancient Greek: φυσική (ἐπιστήμη) phusikḗ (epistḗmē) "knowledge of nature", from φύσις phúsis "nature"[1][2][3]) is the natural science that involves the study of matter[4] and its motion through space and time, alon...
Title: Great happiness is to do good to another
Type: Argumentative Essay, Theme: Great happiness is to do good to another
Text: Life is an opportunity, so why not benefit from it? Why not benefit from life but not by doing things demshe, causing strife or suffering but by exploiting every minute that passes in the most perfect manner possible, and one of these is and do something ...
Title: Love poem
Type: Lyric Poetry, Theme: Love poem
Text: I told myself I’d be okay I could live without you I was wrong I couldn’t survive the day. It was so long when you were away. You asked me would I be alright. I laughed in your face But on my own I cried Convincing myself it was only one ni...
Title: A friend and one of the few good souls out there
Type: Literary Essay, Theme: A friend and one of the few good souls out there
Text: To all of you who think that R.I.P is a Rita Ora song, think again. It comes from the Latin word, requiescat in pace that means Rest In Peace. I found this out a long time ago when I was watching a movie about a killed girl and when I first saw it, the f...
Title: Mount. Everest
Type: Story, Theme: Fantastik
Text: MOUNT EVEREST O nce upon a time, there was a little boy from Oakland, California. His name was Taylor and he was 7 years old. Taylor always wanted to become a mountain climber. He thought that it was a very, very interesting profession because of the sno...
Title: I like
Type: ABC poem, Theme: ABC
Text: I like coffee I like tea I Like swimming on the sea. I like Elvis I like Ted I like Siiting on the mountains

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Title: superman
Theme: super, Type: Admission Essay
Notes: supermanb
Title: article describing people
Theme: famous people, Type: Article
Notes: in the first paragraph you should write his/her name and why is he famous for in the second paragraph you should write about the person's achivemets in the third paragraph his personality and why we admire it
Title: matura exam
Theme: matura, Type: Literary Essay
Notes: nothing
Title: write about favorite vocation.
Theme: vocation, Type: Other
Notes: I do not have anything extra but should urgently
Title: fairy tales
Theme: fairy tales, Type: Argumentative Essay
Notes: fairy tales are important for us...

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Literature (Title): Great happiness is to do good to another
Comment: i could be beter
Literature (Title): Great happiness is to do good to another
Comment: soooo beautiful
Literature (Title): A friend and one of the few good souls out there
Comment: very very very good
Literature (Title): Hopeless
Comment: i love it its so cute
Literature (Title): Hopeless